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snark_the_sluts's Journal

Snark the Sluts
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Note: If you have received a personal invitation to join this community, it's because you were seen "featured" on sluts4choice as an object of their angry mockery.

Abortion on demand? No thanks, we have SELF CONTROL and/or take responsibility for our actions without murdering.

Tired of "pro-choicers" only being pro-choice if you choose what they think is right?

Tired of people whining about "bodily integrity" when supporting the killing of the unborn?

Tired of the coat hanger argument, suggesting anything people are going to do anyway may as well be legal? (Give us a break!)

Tired of being called misogynist because you don't support the "right" of a woman to kill her child?

Tired of the mockery and hypocrisy-ridden posts by self-called sluts supporting unlimited abortion on demand bringing angry, selfish, post-abortion syndrome and persecution complex suffering trolls to your journal or community?

Men, tired of being told you have no right to stand up for the unborn, as if you have no part in the creation of those new lives - and even though about half of all abortions are male babies - just because you could never be pregnant yourself?


You are allowed to post with "fake" accounts to keep the slutty trolls out of your real journals. Posts are just moderated.

Favorite communities: abortiondebate, discussabortion, ljforchoice, pro_choice, prochoice, sluts4choice

Good communities: abortabortion, catholics4life, misogynist4life, pro_life, prolife

Disclaimer: We do not support trolling of journals mocked or otherwise mentioned here. Please don't stoop to their slutty level.