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She got over us fast.

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Jul. 29th, 2005 | 10:55 am
posted by: the_antislut in snark_the_sluts

Despite this claim -

2005-07-26 18:16 muliebrity: It's not as though I'll all of a sudden be "Yay abortions!!11!!!1oneeleventybillion!!11!!

less than 24 hours after she breaks up with us, she wants to get in bed with teh slutz! -

2005-07-27 05:34 muliebrity: Meant to ask this before and forgot--when are you going to be accepting new members again?

I like muliebrity, but she's had her nose so far up their asses I was already mistaking it for a choicer's tongue. I'm glad she is finally being honest with herself and everyone else. Everyone knew she was pro-choice at heart and it was kind of insulting to have her pushing the pro-life community around.

Also, she sounds a lot like she is "pro-choice-but", which is not really welcome in s4c.

And this is slightly OT, but what the hell is burned_rose smoking? Remind me to avoid that.

muliebrity: But if you adopt me, is it incest?

burned_rose: depends on the time of day. Nighttime, yes, because I would want to know what the heck you were doing in my bed at night! LOL

Uh. Yeah.

misogynifemini: Aw crap, lurking in prolife will be almost 100% aggrovating now...

Not as aggravating as people who can't use spell check.

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Erudite Banana

(no subject)

from: sisiphus
date: Jul. 30th, 2005 06:04 pm (UTC)

The the 'I'm personally prolife' and 'I'm prochoice, but' women are proof that abortion as a political choice has been culturally inculcated in us. It is extremely sad that so many women do not have the desire for fight for what is wrong or against what is wrong, but reserve the struggle for protecting their own children and no one else's.

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